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The other day I caught myself saying: I’m make terrible decisions…this ain’t the Chardline that I love.

Using #YearHop I saw that I young WOMAN I mentored @natureisbeauty___ (follow her page, she’s a young entrepreneur ) sent me this text.

Re-reading this truly gets me out of my funk. Some days I have to realize that a lot won’t go my way, and that’s ok. What I need to remember is not to lose the amazingly genuine person that I am.

If someone else fails to see that, it’s their loss…and I WON’T let that be a summation of who I am.

Days get rough but don’t lose who you are in the process.

Love you #ChristyFelix , you have no idea how much you transformed a day that felt gloomy to a day that feels JUST RIGHT

In the three or four times we’ve spoken I remember vividly talking about Haitian mothers and how overbearing they are because they care so much. Believe it or not, these conversations helped improve my relationship with my mom cuz you helped me understand it from a more experienced point of view. Rest in Paradise #JoanneBorgella you will be truly missed!

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